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We are in St George

St. George’s Sydney is a neighbourhood in Sydney, Australia’s southeastern region. It is well-known for its vibrant cultural community and diverse cultural community.

We at Make Good Make Green understand how busy you can become and how many tasks you may require assistance with. That is why we are in St. George to assist you with these issues. Our company is the leading provider of cleaning and junk removal services in St George, Sydney. We provide a broad range of services to both residential and commercial clients. We offer flexible scheduling and better pricing to fit your needs.


We do it all in St George

Make Good Make Green provides a variety of services to residents of St. George and the surrounding areas. We offer our services in a variety of cities. Among our vital services are:

Junk Removal Service: We remove unwanted items quickly and efficiently. From loading the items onto our trucks to properly disposing of them at a certified facility, our team of professionals will handle every aspect of the removal process.

Commercial Make Good Service: We provide a commercial make-good service that includes everything from office clean-outs to construction site debris removal.

Furniture Removal Service: We provide furniture removal services for both commercial and residential clients. Our team will carefully disassemble and remove furniture before properly disposing of it or donating it to a charity.

Electronic Waste Disposal Service: We provide electronic waste disposal services to safely and responsibly dispose of electronic items such as computers, televisions, and other appliances.

De-fit and Strip-out Service: Our de-fit and strip-out service is intended to remove all fixtures, fittings, and equipment from a commercial or industrial property. We handle the safe and efficient removal of all materials, as well as their environmentally friendly disposal.


Get our services now

Don’t put off organising your space any longer. Contact us today to set up an appointment and take the first step toward a cleaner, more organised living or working environment. We offer flexible scheduling and affordable pricing to fit your needs. Trust us to effectively manage your cleaning, junk removal, commercial make good, furniture removal, electronic waste disposal, and de-fit and strip-out needs. Our professional team is ready to assist you in restoring order to your space. Get our services now and enjoy a clutter-free and well-kept environment.


Areas we service in St. George

We provide our junk removal services in St. George. Here is the list of areas, where we provide our rubbish removal services.